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What up bloggers!

Just updating from school. I'm currently in my advertising class watch a very very boring documentary on how Coca-Cola came to be. Although the story is interesting, this movie is not! If you want to check out how boring my first day of class was, go to my Instagram account. I have posted a link in the top right (pages section) of my page. Click on the icon and you'll see the fabulous video I just made.

Pike, Rach, Bryan, & Myself
In other news Made In America was this past labor day weekend. For those who don't know what Made In America is, it's a two day festival created by Jay-Z himself and it is only held in Philadelphia on labor day. This year was the second year, and TONS of big artists played this year. To name a few.. well the ones I saw: Beyonce, Nine Inch Nails, Calvin Harris, Wiz Kalifa, Imagine Dragons, Deadmau5, Phoenix, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, Public Enemy w/ Flava Flav, and some more I can't remember. But you can't tell me that's an epic lineup!! The festival was so much fun, but SUPER expensive for beer!! $11 for a 20 oz beer, and the only two choices were Budweiser and Bud Lite. Regardless I still had a ton of fun and would recommend this to anyone! Oh But um, bring your own water. Also would recommend cleaning out (very very well) a suntan lotion bottle and fill that with liquor.

Front Entrance

Well bloggers, I'm out till next time. Enjoy the pictures and check out my Instagram and Twitter. Follow me :)

xo Kirstin

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It's summa time!!

Hello blogger world!

I realized that I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. So I figured now would be a good time to do so.

My summer is going great, lots of events and planning has been going on. I don't know where to begin! Last I left I was going to do the Relay for Life. That was interesting considering I was at an all day backyard BBQ, drinking and swimming all day. Rachael and I were very tired; four hours walking around a track was not the smartest idea. We should have just done two hours and been done with it, however it was very nice to help out with charity, especially for cancer.

4th of July weekend, well all I can say about that is, "Why be normal, when you can be us??" That weekend was interesting, and the sad but best part is that I don't remember what days were which so I can't describe each night in detail. All I can say is there were topless shotguns, strip clubs, fireworks, gossip girl, tequila, people from high school, and no shame; oh and food, lots of food. I don't regret a single thing that happened that weekend. My friends and I were going for sophomore year of college weekend, and we succeeded. Although I don't think that is much of an accomplishment.

Color Run was next. Probably one of the coolest 5k's I have ever ran/walked. The paint however was much harder to get off than expected. But, I still had tons of fun!! 

Natalie, Rachael, Samantha, Jessica, & Myself

Also the Taylor Swift concert was awesome! She can really put on a show, not just singing but it was somewhat theatrical. I felt like the oldest person there, other than parents. My friend Tom and I seemed to be the only ones in the parking lot who were tailgating. I guess tailgating at a T Swift concert isn't a thing?? Regardless I had a great experience seeing Taylor Swift, and I would go to another one of her concerts if I had the chance.

Me, Natalie, Rachael, Samantha, & Jaclyn
AC/Jonas weekend was successful! We stayed in the Resorts hotel. I didn't gamble at all! But I did drink enough to probably hospitalize someone, but somehow made it out alive. The concert was awesome, the Jonas Brothers are coming out with a new CD and I'm very excited to hear all the new songs!! Also Nick Jonas is so FINE!! I would love to just spend like an hour or two talking to him about anything.

My birthday was the 9th, so I am now 23. So far 23 has been interesting. Everyone seems to still like me, well at least I think they do LOL. Folk Fest was this past weekend. This was my first time attending and well, Folk Fest got real weird. I tried things for the first time, and I have to admit I kind of enjoyed them. Not in the addicting, I need this everyday type enjoy, but like once a year type of enjoy, and it would only be at Folk Fest. I didn't have as much fun as I expected to have at Folk Fest, but I did enjoy being there. I also got to see my cousin whom I haven't seen in a long while so that was nice as well.

That's all she wrote for now. Made In America is two weekends away. I'll be sure to upload some of those pictures as well. Ta ta for now!

xo Kirstin

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June June June

So just doing another update..

Medieval times was pretty awesome! We were on the green knight's side, so we wore green crowns and I got the green knight to sign my flag :). I almost lost my voice from how hard I was cheering!

Next on the list is the Relay for Life at North Penn High School. I will be walking for my company with our group Carol's Crusaders. My best friend and I will be walking from midnight June 23 to 4 am.. very long night!! Then on the 23rd at 1pm we are going to a Phillies game.. OMG CAN YOU SAY NEED A RED BULL?!?!

Recently I have found my new hobby .. making t-shirts!
  A few of my best friends and I are going to the Jonas Brothers Concert in the end of July in Atlantic City. So I made t-shirts for a trip down, and I do say the shirts a pretty snazzy. Big fan of how they came out.

In other concert news, almost one month until Taylor Swift and I'm very excited!! Also I am going to the Made in America 2 day festival. I have been looking for a red, white and blue outfit for the Made in America concert ... but as I was looking around I realized that I need TWO outfits -_____- 

I have added new editions to my blog page. I have connected my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Follow me :)

Well thats it for now.
Goodnight and stay classy bloggers!!

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Wishing I were elsewhere

So I'm sitting here in my marketing class waiting for my teacher to show up.. I'm bored, and it's such a beautiful day. It should be a crime to have to be inside on a day like today.

But anyway IN OTHER NEWS *broad casters voice* I have quite the line up for the summer and I'm pretty excited. First event is Medieval Times. I've never been, but I'm pretty excited to go and act like royalty.

I have a few concerts coming this summer too, so I'll be blogging about those too as they come up.

But class is about to begin so later bloggers.

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Homer is where the heart is!

Hello blog world!

Just checking in from Homer AK!
This will be our third night here in Homer, and this has to be by far the best place we have visited yet!! 

There is plenty to do here even if it is still in the winter months. Yesterday we went on a boat ride to drop off a fisher man at the hatchery across the bay and picked up two guys who are also salmon fishers. It was about an hour boat ride, but it was the best experience we have done here in Alaska. We saw a harbor seal and a few otters. One of the otters was a mother carrying a baby on her stomach.. SO CUTE!! But as for the animals we have seen, it has only been seals, otters, moose, and eagles; which I guess is a lot compared to what we would normally see in PA. Unfortunately no whales or bear yet. The bears are still in hibernation and the whales are currently in Hawaii making their way back to Alaska for the spring and summer months. We also tried snowshoes.. very interesting sport. It's a very exhausting activity, all it really is is walking through the snow with this snowshoes strapped to your feet. It was worth the exercise at the end.. during I thought we were going to die out in the forest hahaha.  

We are currently staying at the Homer Spa and Inn. It is wonderful here! Very quiet and relaxing.. with lots of wine!! The people who own this are very nice, the place has a very artsy feel to it (super homey), and there is a hot tube over looking the Kachemak Bay.

The only bad this about our stay in Homer is that the weather has not been the nicest since we have been here. There was only one really nice day and that was yesterday. Hence why we did a lot yesterday. But even with the bad weather it was still the best place yet.

Well tomorrow we will be visiting Rachael's family, and making our way back to Anchorage. We leave on Monday and I really don't want to leave this place, I would rather live here in Homer and make a living owning a tour boat..

Till next time bloggers.. I'M OUT!

-- Kirstin

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Checking in from Seward.. Video blog

Caution there is some profanity in this.. watch with caution!!

-- Kirstin

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We Made It!!!

Hello from Anchorage!!

We have finally made it to Alaska! We have been traveling all day but it has been worth the 4 plane rides. It is so beautiful here! Snowy mountains all around us. The town of Anchorage is just like any other town, but somehow looks like it belongs in the 70s decade.

Our travels here have been interesting. My friend Rachael and I have been up since 3 am EST, traveling since 6:30 am EST. When we landed in Chicago around 8 am CST we decided that Bloody Mary's had to be the drink of choice, and we actually found a place open that early - getting buzzed in Chicago.. CHECK!

From Chicago we landed in Seattle, where my friend Rachael lost her phone.. OOPS!! Its okay a lady found it and called her boyfriend. It's at a gift shop and we will pick it up in 10 days when we fly back there. THANK GOD!

Other than that we are fine and made it in one piece. We are staying in a hostel for a couple of days until we get our bearings. I will probably contact my family up here so that they can show us around.

Everything will work out. I have faith in us.

Well till next time bloggers!

-- Kirstin

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