We Made It!!!

Hello from Anchorage!!

We have finally made it to Alaska! We have been traveling all day but it has been worth the 4 plane rides. It is so beautiful here! Snowy mountains all around us. The town of Anchorage is just like any other town, but somehow looks like it belongs in the 70s decade.

Our travels here have been interesting. My friend Rachael and I have been up since 3 am EST, traveling since 6:30 am EST. When we landed in Chicago around 8 am CST we decided that Bloody Mary's had to be the drink of choice, and we actually found a place open that early - getting buzzed in Chicago.. CHECK!

From Chicago we landed in Seattle, where my friend Rachael lost her phone.. OOPS!! Its okay a lady found it and called her boyfriend. It's at a gift shop and we will pick it up in 10 days when we fly back there. THANK GOD!

Other than that we are fine and made it in one piece. We are staying in a hostel for a couple of days until we get our bearings. I will probably contact my family up here so that they can show us around.

Everything will work out. I have faith in us.

Well till next time bloggers!

-- Kirstin

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