Life update

Hey again,

I was re-doing my page and thought I should make an update.

There are only five days left until my friend and I leave for Alaska. I couldn't be more excite to go! Our plans are a little shaky right now but I'm sure by the time we get there it will be fine.. FINGERS CROSSED!!

The guy we were going to stay with has yet to respond back to our email. So we could just be staying in a hostel until we have to go to Homer. Or we get in contact with the family we have there, but the kicker is we've never met any of them. I guess this is truly an adventure huh.. Well we are being positive about this whole thing. We are going to have fun and see new things. I'm confident that we will find our way around and meet new people.

Wish us luck .. and the next time I'll update we will be in Alaska!!
Videos and photos to come!

- Kirstin

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