Homer is where the heart is!

Hello blog world!

Just checking in from Homer AK!
This will be our third night here in Homer, and this has to be by far the best place we have visited yet!! 

There is plenty to do here even if it is still in the winter months. Yesterday we went on a boat ride to drop off a fisher man at the hatchery across the bay and picked up two guys who are also salmon fishers. It was about an hour boat ride, but it was the best experience we have done here in Alaska. We saw a harbor seal and a few otters. One of the otters was a mother carrying a baby on her stomach.. SO CUTE!! But as for the animals we have seen, it has only been seals, otters, moose, and eagles; which I guess is a lot compared to what we would normally see in PA. Unfortunately no whales or bear yet. The bears are still in hibernation and the whales are currently in Hawaii making their way back to Alaska for the spring and summer months. We also tried snowshoes.. very interesting sport. It's a very exhausting activity, all it really is is walking through the snow with this snowshoes strapped to your feet. It was worth the exercise at the end.. during I thought we were going to die out in the forest hahaha.  

We are currently staying at the Homer Spa and Inn. It is wonderful here! Very quiet and relaxing.. with lots of wine!! The people who own this are very nice, the place has a very artsy feel to it (super homey), and there is a hot tube over looking the Kachemak Bay.

The only bad this about our stay in Homer is that the weather has not been the nicest since we have been here. There was only one really nice day and that was yesterday. Hence why we did a lot yesterday. But even with the bad weather it was still the best place yet.

Well tomorrow we will be visiting Rachael's family, and making our way back to Anchorage. We leave on Monday and I really don't want to leave this place, I would rather live here in Homer and make a living owning a tour boat..

Till next time bloggers.. I'M OUT!

-- Kirstin

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