June June June

So just doing another update..

Medieval times was pretty awesome! We were on the green knight's side, so we wore green crowns and I got the green knight to sign my flag :). I almost lost my voice from how hard I was cheering!

Next on the list is the Relay for Life at North Penn High School. I will be walking for my company with our group Carol's Crusaders. My best friend and I will be walking from midnight June 23 to 4 am.. very long night!! Then on the 23rd at 1pm we are going to a Phillies game.. OMG CAN YOU SAY NEED A RED BULL?!?!

Recently I have found my new hobby .. making t-shirts!
  A few of my best friends and I are going to the Jonas Brothers Concert in the end of July in Atlantic City. So I made t-shirts for a trip down, and I do say the shirts a pretty snazzy. Big fan of how they came out.

In other concert news, almost one month until Taylor Swift and I'm very excited!! Also I am going to the Made in America 2 day festival. I have been looking for a red, white and blue outfit for the Made in America concert ... but as I was looking around I realized that I need TWO outfits -_____- 

I have added new editions to my blog page. I have connected my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Follow me :)

Well thats it for now.
Goodnight and stay classy bloggers!!

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