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Just updating from school. I'm currently in my advertising class watch a very very boring documentary on how Coca-Cola came to be. Although the story is interesting, this movie is not! If you want to check out how boring my first day of class was, go to my Instagram account. I have posted a link in the top right (pages section) of my page. Click on the icon and you'll see the fabulous video I just made.

Pike, Rach, Bryan, & Myself
In other news Made In America was this past labor day weekend. For those who don't know what Made In America is, it's a two day festival created by Jay-Z himself and it is only held in Philadelphia on labor day. This year was the second year, and TONS of big artists played this year. To name a few.. well the ones I saw: Beyonce, Nine Inch Nails, Calvin Harris, Wiz Kalifa, Imagine Dragons, Deadmau5, Phoenix, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queens of the Stone Age, Kendrick Lamar, Public Enemy w/ Flava Flav, and some more I can't remember. But you can't tell me that's an epic lineup!! The festival was so much fun, but SUPER expensive for beer!! $11 for a 20 oz beer, and the only two choices were Budweiser and Bud Lite. Regardless I still had a ton of fun and would recommend this to anyone! Oh But um, bring your own water. Also would recommend cleaning out (very very well) a suntan lotion bottle and fill that with liquor.

Front Entrance

Well bloggers, I'm out till next time. Enjoy the pictures and check out my Instagram and Twitter. Follow me :)

xo Kirstin

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