Alaska update

Hey bloggers! It's me again.

My best friend Rachael and I have made great progress on our Alaska trip. We have booked our flights and the first place we are going to stay at once we get there. We have also been looking on for other places to stay before we go to Homer, Alaska.

I guy has responded to our message, and he seems pretty decent. He's a cop with what seems to be a southern accent. Well we think he has one only because he kept saying "howdy" and "ya'll" in his email. He has a dog (plus), but not really good looking (eh) hahaha! Just kidding the good looks don't matter. But still its pretty awesome that someone is willing to host us in their home. He even said he would like to show us around! Which would be totally awesome considering we have no idea what there is to do around there.

20 days until we leave!! I'm really excited, and I will be blogging while there to share the adventure while its happening. Maybe I'll throw in a video or two :)

Okay well I'm out for now.
Talk to you later bloggers

-- Kirstin

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